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Global Softrade is an innovative, affordable, complete yet very simple to use software.

This Israeli software consists of Export System for International Trading as well as Quality Assurance Production and Purchase System with Stock Control for raw materials and finished products.

Global Softrade is a powerful multi user software aimed at food and pharmaceutical manufacturers as well as trading companies.

This comprehensive system easily creates Proforma Invoice, Commercial Invoice, Purchase Order, Packing List and Shipping Order. It features numerous management reports on PI’s, Sales, Expenses, Profits, Salesperson Performance and Agent Reports.

For manufacturers it also provides Certificate of Analysis, Production Report
, Analysis Reports, Costing System and Stock Control for raw materials and finished products.

Global Softrade is managed in 3 currencies and 5 languages

          USD, RMB, EURO 



Global Softrade Unique Features
Unique Help file
Every screen displays a Help File specific only to that screen-
no more searching for key words!

All five languages in one software

In a multi user environment you can have the same software on all computers, one using English and the other using Chinese both linked to the same server.

Why use Global Softrade ?
Give your company a competitive edge-
simply click to receive instant, detailed information on your company's performance, enabling you to make important decisions in an ever changing business environment.